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Different Types Of Pet Sitters


After a stressful couple of months at office, you decide to book a holiday and relax away near a beach with a few cocktails in your hands. There is so much to do now that you start packing everything up for your holiday and you feel excited until you realise that your dog or cat will be all alone.

Not only will your fur-ball be all alone but you need to find someone you can trust who will provide the same care that you do. There are many options available but you might not be able to choose your sitter at once. Always ensure that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages so you can make a responsible choice.

Traditional shelters

These shelters might have been around for quite some time, which will cater to different needs of the caretaker and the pet. They will have built a very good reputation with the community and public. Speak to other pet owners and the vet who will recommend the best animal boarding around in town or in the city. The basic needs of a pet will be taken care of. They provide good care and they are very affordable. A traditional shelter is perfect for four-legged loved ones who don’t get anxious when away from their owners.

Luxury kennels

These shelters are equivalent to a luxury hotel for your pooches. The kennels have luxurious beddings, special areas and get a lot of attention from the caretakers. Luxury dog boarding Sydney centres have special facilities such as webcams to ensure that the owners can see what their pet is up to, grooming sessions and extra play time away from the kennel. They are very expensive and if you have a small budget this is not for you. There is enough space for your animal. This is ideal for pets that get a lot of attention and are not used to being alone.

Vet offices

Certain veterinary offices provide sitting services and you will have a peace of mind knowing that if there is any medical issue that the vet or the nurses will be able to look after them. If your four-legged loved one is old and has certain medical conditions, the vet’s office is ideal.

You can always have a friend or a family to look after your pooch because they know each other very well. Your cat or dog will also feel comfortable to see a friendly when you are aware too. Dog-walking services and in-home care are other services that are available but is not so famous as the others mentioned.